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Same Day Service Pier Cleaners
Same Day Service

In A Rush? At Pier Cleaners we provide same day service as you see fit. Whether you're leaving on vacation or jetting away for work Pier Cleaners will get your clothing in and out as fast as we can to ensure your satisfaction. In by 9am (Mystic and Westerly) or 10:00am (Wakefield) out by 4:00pm.

Dry Cleaning Pier Cleaners
Dry Cleaning

  • Pants / Slacks / Shorts
  • Sport Coat / Blazer
  • Skirts / Shorts with Skirt Flap
  • 2 / 3 Piece Men's Suits
  • 2 / 3 Piece Women's Suits
  • 2 Piece Blouse / Slack Set
  • Uniforms
  • Dry Clean Shirts / Hand Press Shirts
  • Blouse / Camisole / Dresses
  • Sweaters / Shawls / Sweater Dresses
  • Academic Gowns
  • Ski Suits
  • Jogging Suit
  • Religious Items
  • Jersey Polo / Tunic Tops
  • Hats / Ties / Gloves / Belts / Robes
Tailoring Pier Cleaners

Whether you have lost / gained weight, or you want your off-the-rack garment to fit like custom-made, Pier Cleaners will make it happen.

Repairs to fabric, leather, suede or furs are no problem for Pier Cleaners. Rips, teard, buttons or zipper replacement can be repaired to rescue that valued garment. We outsource to a tailor and will have your garment cleaned, ready, and fixed in no time!

wash dry fold Pier Cleaners
Wash, Dry, & Fold

Drop off your dirty laundry at any of our locations and pick it up washed, dried, and folded! Laundry is charged by the pound when dropped off. Your clothes are sorted separating colors from whites. Then we wash and dry your clothes in separate machines for each customer, according to the preferences that you setup on our website or in person. Next, your clothes are neatly folded, socks are matched and the clothes are bagged up nice ready for you to pick up...

...all you've got to do is put them away.

This service is also available for pick up and delivery!

Converta Bag Pier Cleaners
Pick Up & Delivery

Not Enough Time in Your Day??? We offer FREE pickup and delivery services in 3 easy steps:


Whether you dry clean weekly, monthly, or just once in a while, you can enjoy the convenience of Pier Cleaners without leaving your home! If you have garments to be cleaned but no time to run back and forth to the dry cleaners, simply fill out a registration form and we will designate a convenient area to pick up and drop off your laundry. Your clean garments will be returned to your home on your next scheduled service day. Trying Pier Cleaners is easy! Simply fill out our registration form and pick up a service bag to begin enjoying the convenience of Pier Cleaners at home. We offer the following services to pick up and delivery customers: dry cleaning, rug cleaning, tailoring, pressed laundry, and wash, dry, & fold laundry service.

Special instructions? No problem! Complete the special instructions portion of the bag tag and leave it with your Pier Cleaners laundry bag! Once you have completed the original registration form and scheduled your pick up and delivery schedule you are free to drop off your bag of items in the designated area of your home and leave them for the driver to pick up.

Leather Suede Uggs Pier Cleaners
Leather / Suede / Ugg Cleaning

Get your favorite leather or suede garments cleaned here at Pier Cleaners. We will provide your garments with the utmost care to ensure quality results and customer satisfation. If you have any concerns, questions, or comments about leather & suede cleaning feel free to contact us!


  • Always store garments in cool, ventilated area on broad, padded hangers
  • Do not store in plastic bags
  • If a leather or suede garment becomes wet, air-dry in an open, well ventilated area
  • Do not apply hair sprays or spray perfumes while wearing a leather or suede garment
  • Wipe away dust and dirt with a soft, barely-moist, sponge or cloth
  • A water-rellent is also recommended to prevent absorption of moisture during rainy weather, and to protect the surface of the garment. Use a professional leather cleaner to apply this.

UGG CLEANING: We offer Ugg cleaning services! Make your Uggs like new with less costs! Stop in today and save.

Wedding Gown Preservation Pier cleaners
Wedding Gown Preservation

At Pier Cleaners we realize that preserving the bride's gown is as important as preserving the moment she and her partner say "I do"! Brides may want to preserve their wedding gown for their daughter or grand-daughter to wear in the future. No matter what the reason, our process means the gown will remain like new for everyone to enjoy in the future.

We offer comprehensive wedding gown preservation, cleaning, and restoration at an affordable price. Wedding gowns are treated for stains, and then individually cleaned. The gowns are steamed and hand pressed. The gown's bodice is shaped and put on an acid-free bust form for display. We use acid-free windowed display box completely sealed to keep out insects and humidity. The display box is then placed inside a white storage box. Preserve your special day! Use Pier Cleaners for quality wedding gown preservation service. Call today!

Laundromat Pier Cleaners Wakefield RI
Area Rug Cleaning Pier Cleaners
Area Rug Cleaning

Got a DIRTY rug? Don't want to clean it yourself? No problem! Pier Cleaners offers a quality, professional area rug cleaning service. Simply call for a pick up of your area rug(s) or bring them into any of our locations to be cleaned. You may choose from a variety of different add-ons to the cleaning process to assure your satisfaction is met!

Fire Water Odor Damamge Pier Cleaners
Fire / Water / Odor Damage

Pier Cleaners provides fire, water, and odor restoration to any of your damaged items. We make sure that your items return smelling the way you remember them, not they way you brought them in. Our dry cleaners are trained in removing soot and odor from clothing, linens and other fabric related items. We provide immediate, on-site evaluation by qualified personnel assuring you your requirements are handled professionally.

We restore all types of clothing and other personal and household fabric items. Call today for any questions you may have regarding this service.

Storage Fur Coats Pier Cleaners

Pier Cleaners can help you! Now you can make some room for your "in-season" wardrobe by storing your "out-of-season" clothing with us. We'll clean your clothes and store them until you wish to have them back. Simply pre-pay for the cleaning at drop off and leave them with good care at Pier Cleaners. Visit any one of our locations and we'll be happy to take care of your storage needs. Feel free to call for any questions you may have.

IMPORTANCE OF FUR STORAGE: The higher heat and humidity of the late summer, spring, and fall months cause fur skins to gradually lose some of their oils. Eventually, the garment will begin to exhibit stiffness, cracking of the skin, and fur shedding.

Professional fur vaults are dark, chilled, and humidity-controlled. The furs are protected against moths and any other destructive insects that are common during the summer months. These conditions cannot be met by storing the fur in your own home. Professional vault storage will add years to the life of your valuable fur.

  • Always hang your fur on a broad-shouldered, padded hanger
  • Never store your fur in a plastic or rubber-lined bag
  • Never store your fur near heat
  • Avoid storing fur in bright light
  • Always store your fur during warm weather with your dry cleaner
  • Never mothproof a fur
  • Have any small rips or tears repaired immediately
  • Never comb or brush your fur

Pier Cleaners offers a number of retail opportunities to our cutomers such as:

COFFEE WIPES: Coffee wipes breaks down and removes coffee and other stubborn food stains. Coffee Wipes are a powerful organic enzyme solution in a convenient wet wipe. To remove hard to clean coffee stains, thoroughly wipe stained area and allow to dry. Coffee Wipe are all natural and non-toxic. Also great for cleaning coffee makers and coffee carafes. Keep one in your car for that "on-the-way-to-work" coffee spill. Check out our video now!

LINT ROLLER / REFILLS: Quickly keep your clothes lint, fuzz, and hair free. A lint roller quickly removes most debris from your clothing to keep you looking great! Keep your clean clothes going by refilling your lint roller stick with a refill roll!

STINK BE GONE: Enzyme Magic Stink Be Gone is an all natural shoe deodorizer. This enzyme product attacks the source of the odor and eliminates it within seconds. Enzyme Magic Stink Be Gone is a specialized enzyme formula for use with gym shoes, boots, dress shoes, and sandals. Enzyme Magic Stink Be Gone is handy for gym bags, lockers, and closets.

CONVERTA BAG: The Converta Bag is a 25" x 54" reusable garment bag. This bag converts from a laundry bag into a garment bag very simply; just loosen the drawstring and allow the bag to fully open to cover your garments. This bag is used rather than using plastic bags; which are a petroleum product and generally thrown away after use. By using these bags; not only do your garments come home clean, they reduce the amount of plastic used.

FISH & GAME ODOR REMOVER: Enzyme Magic Fish & Game Odor Remover is formulated to remove the odors caused by fishing or hunting. It will instantly deodorize hands, clothing, tackle and other equipment. Enzyme Magic Fish & Game Odor Remover will remove the strongest odors caused by fishing. Enzyme Magic Fish & Game Odor Remover also will clean organic material off arrows, knives, and cleaning equipment and surfaces.

SWEATER STONE: A Sweater Stone is similar to a Sweater Comb is a natural pumice which has the unique ability to remove pilling from knits with each sharp edge of a broken cell. It actually cuts the filament that holds the pill to the garment while the cell breaks off, removing pilling and restoring the nap on fabrics.

SWEATER COMB: A sweater comb helps to remove frustrating fuzz from wool, knits, cashmere, and acrylic garments.

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